Sunday, May 20, 2007

PHP Calendar

I recently decided to update the Important events section of my website. I knew I wanted a full 12-month calendar view for the current year and I also didn't want to spend much time working on this project. So I chose the path of least resistance and found a great open source freeware calendar called PHP Calendar. PHP Calendar Class Version 1.4 was written by David Wilkinson in 2001. It is very lightweight (one PHP file) and flexible. This made it a breeze to integrate into my website;

Here is an image of the Important events layout before any changes were made:

Here is PHP code (this example is also on the PHP Calendar website) to generate a month view for the current month (May 2007 at the time of this post):


      // Get current month calendar view
      $c = new Calendar;
      echo $c->getCurrentMonthView();


This code produces the resulting HTML:

One nice feature of this calendar is the ability to set a link for a given day in the month. I used this feature to connect my personal events to the calendar. Here is an example of setting a link on the full year calendar for January 1, 2007:


      class MyCalendar extends Calendar
        function getDateLink($day, $month, $year)
          // link January 1 of the current year
          $link = "";
          if ($day == 1 && $month == 1)
            $link = "myLink.php";
          return $link;


      $c = new MyCalendar;
      echo $c->getCurrentYearView();


Here is the HTML output of the above code:

This is the final version of my Important events website section:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MTSU Graduation

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University on May 5, 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a Professional Computer Science emphasis and a minor in Mathematics. Go to the photo album to view some pictures from graduation. :-)

Some of my crowning achievements at MTSU include:
  • Being president of Upsilon Pi Epsilon
  • Being treasurer of the Association for Computing Machinery
  • Being a member of the Golden Key international honour society
  • Earning a 3.9 GPA in my major
  • Earning a 3.5 GPA in overall studies
  • Graduating with the designation of Cum Laude (3.500 <= GPA <= 3.749)

My success would not have been possible without the understanding, sacrifice, and encouragement of my primary support group: My beautiful wife Amy and my parents, Lee and Janise Edmiston. Thank you for making my success possible!


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